Will You Moan, My Death? | Poem

Will you cry,

If I tell you nobody believed my tears,

When I cried out of a dungeon of abuses,

The marks on my body meant nothing,

Deathra, what do you need for my struggle?

I beg for death and I accept life in pains.

Will you take away the dark circles,

If I tell you nobody believed I got sick,

When I refused to accept other’s fears,

The time lost of my aliveness meant lies,

Deathra, what do you think I struggle for?

I beg for trust and I accept cuts in silence.

Will you colour the words,

If I tell you nobody believed my words,

When I told the truth of people I loved,

The blood in my veins meant poison,

Deathra, what do I struggle for anymore?

I need to feel and I accept numb in pains.

Answer me,

Why I came back that day of darkness,

Was it the life or the death,

Which punished me for blood I cried?

You baptized me in sickness I embraced,

Why you named me Wordsmith,

All I write is for dark the darkness of light,

When do you see me this time, mistress?


Is your soul I steal every encounter?


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