Why Do I Wait? | Poem

Why do I wait?

For that night of death,

For her to smile at me,

For pain to come,

For words to bleed,

For love to seed,

Deathra, I’ve tears to take.

My words; my blood,

And, nothing is mine,

Why do I speak?

To accept your dark,

To begin again,

To burn my soul,

Deathra, I’m bleeding.

Let all out to pain,

I’m crying for pain,

I’m screaming with pain,

And, I can’t stop words,

They born me like a ghost,

Deathra, I’m in pain.

Why do I know?

It’s a curse of my life,

It’s a bliss of my death,

It’s haven for my woman,

Deathra, I’m tired.

That night you come,

Play with me,

Take me to my kingdom,

I’m in wait to destroy.


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