• The Murder’s Life | Short-Story | Fiction
    I lived a life in pain, and I tried to feel at peace. I did not regret that I accepted my pain, and then, I killed them. It was all!
  • Murder: I Began Knowing What It Did. | Short Story
    Murder! Ah, not long back, I learnt murder meant making any living being motionless with an attack by anything you may like. I like to take a pistol to do it. It’s safe and more convenient than using a knife. […]
  • The Precious Pen’s Owner | Short Story
    The light was tearing the sky as darkness faded without a voice. The night must have had painful memories hiding in the overcoming light. At the same time, he used to leave his bed for the life. He was frustrated, […]
  • Shobo : Obsession’s Beginning | Short-Fiction
    It has taken me around 10 hours to understand that the painful feeling inside is not less than the existence of a man who never loved a woman. Yes, it’s true. I’ve witnessed this on the repeated cacophony of this man’s screams. […]
  • Imagine What Cure You Seek | Short Story | Fiction
    There is always a story behind each word of pain I share to the world. There are still tears rolling down like a little abandonment of heavenly sickness following through the veins of a mother of lost.
  • Martha | A Short Story | Fiction
    Martha, it is not a name to forget or even live in the forgotten memories of my mind. The woman behind this name has left, and I cannot stop the consequences. I do not desire to do what makes me […]
  • Unstable Relationships | The Second Brutal Stone of Borderline Personality Disorder
    The term “unstable relationships” refer to the extreme relationship feelings gap that grows toxic over time for mental patients. It is one of the nines diagnostic symptom of Borderline Personality Disorder. Usually, people with borderline personality disorder feels chronic emptiness […]
  • Internship | Paid or Unpaid | New Slavery in India Evolved
    India is a developing country, and developments can either be positive or negative. In the last two decades, the so-called “entrepreneurship spirit” rose to challenge the boundaries of building a corporate empire. As far as an individual is concerned, living […]
  • I’m Borderline: Not Negatively or Positively Wired!
    There are speculations everywhere about my mental condition, and the speculations always end up in my ear from the people I feel I trust and it hurts like a thunderbolt, but there is no suffering, just pure agony that makes […]
  • Fear of Abandonment: The First Brutal Stone of Borderline Personality Disorder
    “You’ve zoned yourself in the BPD…get out of there! Life is not as painful as you describe.” Said every person who tried to know a little deeper about me. At first, I felt anger and, then nothing. I could not […]