• How Could the Word “FOMO” Affect a Person?
    Being a part of a high tech fast-paced world, which is fed on regular updates, upgrades, and next-gen technologies every new second, we as a society are grinding in new ways of follow up. New Ways of Life, New Ways […]
  • Give A Day I Feel Safe | Poem
    Mornings are tough beginnings; After I spend hours to sleep at night, Knowing it takes two fucking hours To calm my nerves and dreadful feelings. What I do more, Deathra; You sitting on a throne, legless, hopeless, Awaiting a miracle […]
  • Can’t Speak Ramble | Poem
    I wonder what dead people talk, Do they talk on politics, relationships, and pain? Do they discuss life, miseries, and death? Do they watch people and make fun of them? I wander in times of lostness, not past, Serving, syncing […]
  • Anxious Waters | Poem
    You will know pain; I regret my words, When you are alive, and wants to kill everyone, No matter you adore, despise, or suck them. That’s all same, she fills each day, Knowing she’s loved by a monster, Knowing she’s […]
  • It’s Joyous Realm | Poem
    Years went on, I didn’t see the world, Buried under raped weight of my soul, I longed to capture aliveness of the world. Believe what tears shed in words; the intense Desires rose; torture became unbearable, I longed for a […]
  • Knock Knock! Shobo | Poem
    At midnight, I wonder why crave flesh cutting, Was not it enough I stayed in hatred to destroy myself? I wonder how it feels to love someone, All known is the chronic darkness years claimed. Haven’t you cut a bad […]
  • I’m A Troubled Fellow | Poem
    It’s hopeless spring uproot in my heart, Each morning, when I see her bright face, Knowing fears covering each painful essence Making them dance in a music lost world. Love; must say, a strange breaking point, Carving memories of a […]
  • Emptiness; it Breaks | Poem
    Are those likely descriptions, Telling about a world of fire and misery, Spreading vows of supreme oneness, The hell and the heaven, true, Deathra? My heart says, go and find answers, To the questions that stolen my life, To give […]
  • Breathe, You Said Breathe | Poem
    I’m tired of lies you sewn To protect a false innocent soul, Knowing pain sees through world’s facades, Sabotaging works on a never-stopping tragedy, I’ve tried living lives of truths, lies, and borderlines; Have you been drinking that pain’s wine […]
    “How long has it been that you have not attempted suicide?” Asked a loved one, after seeing a smile on my face. “Two years and counting!” I said with regrets. Note: Please read accordingly. The following post may trigger suicidal […]