• 5 Reasons Why Understanding Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment (s) Help
    Addictions or addictive disorders are part of psychological and physiological mental illnesses that damage a person physically and mentally. There are Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment available in all sectors of society. However, recovering treatments help people either they are … Read more
  • Tried | Poem
    What makes me shiver and dreadful? I'm tired of proving I can do, Walking the streets in pains I no longer see fit to relieve. Deathra, let's go back someday, The room, the deaths, the pains, Doesn't matter if I … Read more
  • Pathways | Poem
    I fear what awaits on those pathways, We agreed to build on truths of dark love, Over monstrous, devastated, delusional Ruins of our souls darkness, starkness Minds locked in a cage. Deathra, I search for the ideas and, To survive … Read more
  • Contagious | Poem
    Sleepless nights speak sins I committed Knowing days don't give hope to breathe, I'm in pain I can't let go, Deathra. When that night comes, stay strong, I can't live another lifetime with stars. I heard lies on ending the … Read more
  • It’s Joyous Realm | Poem
    Years went on, I didn't see the world, Buried under raped weight of my soul, I longed to capture aliveness of the world. Believe what tears shed in words; the intense Desires rose; torture became unbearable, I longed for a … Read more
  • Knock Knock! Shobo | Poem
    At midnight, I wonder why crave flesh cutting, Was not it enough I stayed in hatred to destroy myself? I wonder how it feels to love someone, All known is the chronic darkness years claimed. Haven't you cut a bad … Read more
  • I’m A Troubled Fellow | Poem
    It's hopeless spring uproot in my heart, Each morning, when I see her bright face, Knowing fears covering each painful essence Making them dance in a music lost world. Love; must say, a strange breaking point, Carving memories of a … Read more
  • Mental Illness Isn’t an Excuse; It’s the Only Explanation One Need
    Honestly, I am sick of knowing other people’s perspective on something that would take years to understand. I don’t have that much patience left now. I gave every single person many chances to know what they are missing out.
  • Emptiness; it Breaks | Poem
    Are those likely descriptions, Telling about a world of fire and misery, Spreading vows of supreme oneness, The hell and the heaven, true, Deathra? My heart says, go and find answers, To the questions that stolen my life, To give … Read more
  • I Forget Misery | Poem
    Even the hearts without fire grow merciless When rain showers its magnificence beauty on earth, Then why I remember it touches my skin first and burn rash. Even the city roads, railway tracks, work-life filled with rain When rain comes … Read more
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