• The Reality And Fiction | Poem
    I thought of you, my dear, When I was finished making the stuff. I looked at it, With my hidden, cruel desires. Your love wasn’t enough, Your care wasn’t soothing, Your beauty wasn’t attractive, Your passion wasn’t seductive, Its passion […]
  • This Pain | Poem
    Blame me of this pain, I’m screaming in silence. Blame me of this world, I’m hiding in shadows. Blame me of this love, I’m in fears of death. Blame me of her, I’m rising in trust. Still, Deathra comes uninvited, […]
  • I Need Pain | Poem
    I can’t sleep, I don’t have pain, I need pain, Deathra. Sing my death’s song, Seduce me to sleep, Hurt me to love her, I can’t sleep. What I write; not guilt, It’s my pain of being lone, Deathra! Will […]
  • Not Pain Anymore | Poem
    A fire has been lot in me, It’s not pain anymore, It’s not burning me, It’s keeping me safe, I drank the darkness, With a salt of light, And, I I’m in her thoughts, Deathra, tell Divino, I’m of her. […]
  • Little I Knew I was Caged | Poem
    In my grave, You spoke of life I could have, Without you or with you, I’m unchangeable. In my grave, You spoke of never-ending pain, I thought you joked about sublime sickness, Without you or with you, I’m suffering. In […]
  • The Movie We Watched! | Poem
    I made her wait for a long time, Just for a movie with me in a while, When I reach, I saw her red face, And I felt to hug her to clear the pace, “What an idiot am I?” […]
  • Pull Me Back, Deathra! | Poem
    I’ve lost the count of these Nights and days, I’m committing a sin. Wait! I know now of these pains, I’m sinner of darkness, I fall! I rise! I’m nothing now. Yesterday, I saw myself in mirror, I wanted to […]
  • I Need | Poem
    I need to feel, To fly above thoughts, To risk above clouds, Deathra, will you be still there? Making me feel pain & pleasure, At once! ©sjwordsmith Advertisements
  • Miso, I Wish Your Death | Poem
    I wouldn’t cry anymore, If you hit me again, Miso, With all tame of yours, You made me untamed, Miso, I wish your death, I can’t ask her to take you, Deathra makes her presence in wish. Every word you […]
  • I Saw Helpless, It's Sublime | Poem
    Haven’t you thought why us? Lurking on journeys we seldom kiss, Taking fire in our veins that smile, Going the ways we never desired, Is this how we love each other’s death? Listen close, Deathra, People ask about your nakedness, […]