• Desperate & Unfinished Killers | Poem
    There are, Desperate feelings on rising, Compare them with a dying person, I live on intense plans and plains, Unknown to this world's worth. I wouldn't ask you, Deathra, To find another cure for me. There is none in hope's … Read more
  • Here Is There, I Look | Poem
    This world doesn't sell out compassion, Go to heaven as the God's will, Don't speak of evil, but feel him, This world teaches to stay quiet, Don't you get lured, Queen, I know you're stronger. I look at you, There … Read more
  • I Don’t Think | Poem
    I don't think anymore, I lie, I deceive myself more, What colour I wear now? What am I now? I'm homesick to extent of desires. I'm in need to be myself. I'm done to this world. Yes, I'm lying to … Read more
  • Here, I Am Surviving | Poem
    Here, I am surviving Under the hot sun, Without water waiting for rescuer. I'm lost somewhere in rational world. Alas, I'm lost in memories of her. I can see the hungry Eagle, Waiting to let out my soul for new … Read more
  • Exclusive People’s Fears | Poem
    Stop asking about regrets, Has universe become nothing to create, Has the sun burn bright in self raging, I long for moments I pushed away, At nights, cry to sleep; sleep to survive, People who betrayed fears my life, Liebe, … Read more
  • Even Though | Poem
    I look at the shining moon Even though, it’s lost its beauty. I look at you, with the same love Even though, you are not mine. I look at the world’s wonders Even though, it’s lost its creativity. I look … Read more
  • Endless Obsession! | Poem
    Dreadful of looking at her, I close my eyes to escape, But, she's still there, lurking into darkness, Deathra, I can't help her, I'm wandering in desserts of her memories. Listening to endless possibilities of life, I stand deep in … Read more
  • Don’t Call Me Brave, Mistress | Poem
    Don't call me brave, I've killed myself in disgrace, I'm crying and I'm not ashamed, Haven't you wanted sickness, Deathra? I desire for a death, And, I stay alive, To tease you till that night, Haven't you drank my blood, … Read more
  • Diamond Spoon To Eat | Poem
    I slept fearless in arms you offered, What did you feel in my dreams, Haven't I scared your soul, Deathra, days are coming to meet? Listen to my soul, It screams affection, I was born of pain, Diamond spoon to … Read more
  • Destroy Something, Mistress | Poem
    I close my eyes to lose amid dreams, I see darkening I fear the most in screams, I feel helpless; not thinking to conquer time, I'm guilty of betraying my heart, Open your eyes and look at me, Don't I … Read more
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