• On High Highness! | Poem
    If I stop breathing on my journey, Don't fall back. If I sleep seeing your love, Don't fall back. The moment to numb, Awaits your kingdom. ©Suraj Jangid
  • Smelling Graves! | Poem
    Darkness's consumed me, You made me a monster, All I care is destruction, Tell me, Deathra, Who am I to destroy? Fears are lurking in their blood, I can feel them in my fingers, You made me suffer, Tell me, … Read more
  • Oh! That Hurts | Poem
    It hurts more when there's no peace, Even in the darkest time I survived; Knowing none would step in the storms And show the path to light myself amid The darkness and the lightness of humanity. Now, I've fallen to … Read more
  • Ready To Come Back | Poem
    There's this emptiness, again, I desire to look at the Mars, I fall down back to the Earth, Deathra, come, at last, count my breathes, Ask Liebe to prepare bed, I'm ready to come back. ©Suraj Jangid
  • Mayhem! A Tailored Nothing | Poem
    If I tell you the truth, About a soul, who has nothing, Will you sleep at night in peace? I don't feel anything, Even the nothingness is fiction, Even the feelings are factored, Even the emotions are tailored, The truth … Read more
  • Shall Free Us Once | Poem
    The boy turned himself, To the obvious path, There he met a priest, Who asked, calmly, Confess your sins, my child, You shall let it pass. Little he knew the boy's heart, The graves he dug and buried, The lives … Read more
  • One Moment Enough | Poem
    No need of doomsday, No need of God's talk, No need of Devil's call, Just one moment enough, To create a new of me. Cycle of mine; destroy, built, recreate, I'm feeling to destroy myself, Deathra, listen to me to … Read more
  • Shh! Speaking Truth | Poem
    Don't believe; the forgiveness I ask, There's been moments I cried for hours. I couldn't say more straight and simple words: I've been born twice to learn practices of life; From my mother's womb and death's cheating. Could you say, … Read more
  • Oblivion Arrives, Dear | Poem
    Where do I belong, mistress?This world, unfaithful, black & white;Residents are scavenges to each other;Dread comes asking numbness;Screaming for the end at the moment,Should I go with unheard cuts,Or,Should I bear the unbearable pain? Everything I see is strange,Nothing I … Read more
  • She Said! The Sterling Queen | Poem
    Though, she said,I starve like a queen,On way to my kingdom,I keep breathing for last meal. Tell me, Deathra,Why my heart shouts praises,On her beautiful depicting of life?Have not I sold life to death,To survive light I forced to consume? … Read more