• Murdering The Murderous Murderer | Poem
    Alone, I wonder of stars to sleep, Sick, I wish to words come alive, Desire, I crave to put trust in laps’ of world, Anger, I want to burn everything to no trace, Deathra, stand still till I ask you […]
  • I Feel You Within My Love | Poem
    I often think about love amid fire’s breeze, I get lost with women I shared my heart, The heart, which never told the truths, It told what it felt in their presence, Deathra, I still desire to see you naked, […]
  • I Scared The Humanity! | Poem
    Tis morning, Liebe, I woke up in images of destruction, And, I saw her, looking at me with a sword, Deathra must be feeling scared! I took humanity’s breathes, And, I slept in acceptance, Deathra must be looking angry! I […]
  • Just A Little Deep | Poem
    Just a little deep cut, Wouldn’t cause harm. Just a little deep bleeding, Wouldn’t cause death. Just a little deep fear, Wouldn’t cause panic. Just a little deep pain, Wouldn’t create a monster. Just a little deep trap, Wouldn’t demolish […]
  • Pages, Pain, Perinos | Poem
    I would’ve forgotten my pains, Thinking these never going to leave. Alas, I’m thrown to this world alive, After all pain I know it comes back, Seeking more in this world, And, I, must warn you, I Remember what a […]
  • Never Know | Poem
    I’m always wandering in traumas Inflicted through innocent actions, Growing pain doesn’t help you feel. I wonder at nights and fights Where my heart sleeps like a dead, I’m sure you loved enough To never come back, the sterling queen. […]
  • Thoughts Of Last Breathe | Poem
    Thoughts of last breathe, Crosses me like a breeze, Slapping continuous with time, Making plans for that hour, Coming to sleep with you, Deathra. Worldly peace terrifies me, Confinement peace horrifies me, Waiting! Waiting! Till unknown time, Coming to sleep […]
  • Pain Set Free The Light | Poem
    Have you seen those kingdoms, Where my pain gets more pain, I speak wisely there and smile, Nothing matters there? I feel loved; not bad, not good, Just loved, I feel it in my nerves, Taking over the pains I […]
  • I Write Darkness | Poem
    Darkness’ flowing in my fingers, My touch brings devastation, Yet, I’m wandering with you, For her, I open my heart, Still, you call me yours. Fears’re calling my numb, I’m writing with her, Deathra, you come after life, I’m taking […]
  • I Lost In The Train | Poem
    As I walk to catch the train, I wonder, What’s scarier of the three; Emotional amnesia; Induced Sleep; Or Love on the way, I can’t decide. I never know, my mistress. All I feel is pain, When it forgets, I […]