• Asked Your Submission | Poem
    Amid the flashings of your heart, I'm making a story unspoken torments, Beneath the smiles and the sighs, You read it everyday in silence, Which we keep of hurting each other. Little you feel, Liebe, I've already asked your submissions, … Read more
  • Crazy Crafty Cats | Poem
    It took a person to know What emotional distress I have When feelings change overnight. Deathra, I loved that wall clock Ticking, sticking, rushing to life, Knowing what I meant for you. I wouldn't say something about That leads your … Read more
  • Crave Inevitable | Poem
    Wouldn't you ask, Why there's darkness in eyes, Why world locks me in cages, Why love fears my soul, I wish I could tell you at once. Once I owned a perfect instrument, Which made my mind the calm in … Read more
  • Cover Your Wounds | Poem
    Gods don't make bullets Filled on angelic life and beliefs, Not anymore in production. Pick your greatest weapon, Load it on saved bullets, Shoot me if you don't see a smile. Takes these lives, Deathra, Whomsoever says again, Do what … Read more
  • Constant Wishes | Poem
    My constant wishes, To be with Liebe, To be with Deathra, Tremble my soul, Unstable my mind, Will Deathra come? Listening to my prays, At last, Death my escape, Words my world's mirror, I'm feeling to be numb. ©sjwordsmith
  • Confront | Poem
    When a mirror breaks, it doesn't cry, Knowing it can't be fixed; It awaits A magician's repair the damage on magic love. Deathra, do you see my soul; its not what you see? I saw the Sterling Queen after moments … Read more
  • Can’t You See What’s Wrong? | Poem
    What if I beg, Tell me a way to stop my sufferings, I don't want to murder myself, In arms of a beautiful life. What if I say, I'm in moment to cut my skin, There is no peace and … Read more
  • Consider Me | Poem
    Possibly, who I am, You asked me in council of trust, What I tell you, Deathra, I'm lost again; I can't sleep, Will you at first make me sleep? When! I wake up, Consider me, The pain you feel in … Read more
  • Awaiting The World’s Fall | Poem
    You asked, What I dream about? What I think about? Where I love my darkness? Let's not move in there, The place you desire, Has closed itself to see, The end of the world. What if I say, I feel … Read more
  • Become The Woman, You Are! | Poem
    Awaiting that moment to cross our debts, Don't blindfold darkness I carry inside, I'm not scared to face the demons I fed, Sharp your favourite blade on my skin, Become the woman, you are, Deathra. Unfold secrets in surface we … Read more
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