• Are You Sin? | Poem
    I don't wonder,What's the end of falling,I'm in comfort to know there'll no end at all.I don't wonder,What's love of living,I'm travelling in a world of light,Where people eat people's flesh,And call darkness the monster. I don't wonder,What's real and … Read more
  • It hurts When You Said I hurt | Poem
    You will know what hurts you,Once, you're going after perfection,You will see light you seek is faulty,Even the darkness inside doesn't speakWhen the moment of love comes hugging.Alina, a peasant woman in suburbs of Delhi,Cook the family's meals and clean … Read more
  • All Way Down | Poem
    What I tell you anymore honest,I knew all way down what you were,I wish I could change the sickness,Right you are and right you were,The broken is looking the space,Where it get what given earlier.Liebe, I call the name of … Read more
  • Don’t Pity Over Pains | Poem
    I must admitWhen a black rose bloomsThat's the beautiful processThat catches my breathes to smile. Am I walking on the path I despise?Don't answer! I'm hatred you hideBeneath deeds of conscious dyingTo revive metaphysical existence of time.I must admitWhen that … Read more
  • Born | Poem
    Here I am; alive and in sense,It's the lies I tell around,The truth, Deathra; I'm in pain and hopeless.You told meSome are born to bear pain and write,Were you talking to me that night? ©sjwordsmith
  • Reality | Poem
    It's all scary inside groomingLike a storm preparing to destroy,I'm sleepless in realms I loathe. When those demonic hounds stops,When a life degrades to noise,Maybe I'll sleep foreverTo see these feelings subside.Tonight is not the night I leave,Tonight is not … Read more
  • What’s With Him? | Poem
    I often forget who I am and it pains,As a soul forgets to polish itselfOn rough love, rough life, rough death,Still I look at bright sun and scream oblivion.I often think about lives I lived and it pains,As a happiness … Read more
  • Dancers and You | Poem
    Rains symbolize of romancesBreed over the nature's changeTaking turns on cold and heat,Aren't they going through chaos?I remember when you undress,You crave the touches of nighttime Lurking through your soulYou believe in eyes of mind's darkest Memories created on edges … Read more
  • Listeners | Poem
    You've rested in arms of love, Death said.You've learnt treasures of this world, Death saidIn the moment,When a baby comes out of womb,It screams for going back somewhere,Where it feels comfort of infinities.Stay for a mirror to shine, Life said.Stay … Read more
  • A Sign | Poem
    There's a hopes grave amid my thoughts,Sweeping leftover of the desires I kept aside,And I wonder why there's emptiness crawling,Liebe, maybe Deathra doesn't see the woundsThat kept resurfacing on defines of nothingness.Once I shared my thoughts with a wiseHe didn't … Read more

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