The Stigmatic Mind – About

The Stigmatic Mind” is a place where those stigmatic, hideous, unorthodox, and rejected thoughts survive, which never see the light of those “normal” people.

Sharing the things that hurt, love, seduce, and motivate, without thinking about a society, which never wanted to understand what went wrong.

It’s a dream, which never turned real, to feel accepted, loved, and happy. For now, I’ve taken this journey alone, and I wouldn’t stop till every single thought that asked to shut is read by others.

I often hear, “Here goes the stigmatic mind!” “Look at him, so alone and attention-seeking, miserable mind!”

Some words of those people stayed and made me write whatever the shit I desire.

A little background—I’ve a belief, dark, hidden, suppressed stigmas create the best stories one would ever read.

Stories teach us. Stories make us who we are. Stories build our conscience, and that’s where this world is a bearable place.

Once, I had a dream, where I was surrounded by people, I was on my knees, crying, begging them to stop hurting, and they kept on screaming, “Die stigma! Die Stigma!” Indeed, it was a manifestation of fears I’d been hiding for years.

But, this dream became recurrent. For months, I could feel it was real enough to torture me. I realized if I wouldn’t stop fearing, I would never write anything about how I survived my coma, what made me see this world differently. So, I came with The Stigmatic Mind.

Here, as a reader, you will have an exclusive screening of a mind, which survives on words. As a sharing person, I invite you to join this journey if you can relate to the stories, the mindset, poems, or comments.

No matter what! I’m “The Stigmatic Mind.”

I hope, you will browse, read, and share your thoughts on how I write, what my words make you feel. Or, join as a writer, photographer, or editor here.

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