The Reality And Fiction | Poem

I thought of you, my dear,

When I was finished making the stuff.

I looked at it,

With my hidden, cruel desires.

Your love wasn’t enough,

Your care wasn’t soothing,

Your beauty wasn’t attractive,

Your passion wasn’t seductive,

Its passion was attractive,

Its beauty was soothing,

Its care was enough,

Its love was poison, my dear.

I could not wait to light it up,

I could not wait to inhale it,

I could not wait to wait for you,

I could not stay away from it, my dear.

I lighted it up, inhaled it, and regretted.

I end this,

I end my feelings,

I end the way to reality.

Now, I am where it has taken me.

See you, as you see me, my dear,

Between the coincidence and the fate.

©Suraj Jangid


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