Miso, I Wish Your Death | Poem

I wouldn’t cry anymore,

If you hit me again, Miso,

With all tame of yours,

You made me untamed,

Miso, I wish your death,

I can’t ask her to take you,

Deathra makes her presence in wish.

Every word you said in unknown,

Buried inside my memories long ago,

I no wish to visit them anymore,

Still, you bring darkness in me, Miso,

Deathra should come for you,

Miso, forgive me for not blaming myself,

I wish death to bring you peace once!

Your knives! Your ropes! Your love!

I don’t desire anymore,

I die in moments of pain,

I’m alive enough to feel pain,

Just die, Miso,

Free yourself in time,

Deathra would come tonight for me!

©Suraj Jangid


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