Last Night, I Spoke To My Soul | Poem

Last night,

I spoke to my soul,

She’s someone to know deep,

She didn’t tell her name,

Yet, she told me she’s hanging around,

Deathra, would you make her smile?

My soul told stories of lives,

That she’s suffering and began to enjoy,

Which couldn’t seem to feel broken,

And, she smiled at me for visiting her,

Deathra, invite her over a drink?

Her eyes intensely telling affection,

And, she sat on her throne; proud and elegant,

I looked at her with everything I got,

And, she accepted me as her own,

Deathra, ask her to sleep in your bed!

I took her leave, keeping in mind to return,

She kissed my forehead to make me stay,

In numbness I left her domain; I needed to know her,

Deathra, don’t show her my darkness!

She’s fragile to her own!

© sjwordsmith


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