I Dreamt Of My Death | Poem

I dreamt of my death,

Away from loved ones,

In reddish four walls,

Within calamities of life,

Sleep with me, Deathra.

Kneeled down; haven’t given up,

Culminating strength to rise,

By the burning ashes,

By the words’ love,

Joyous with deeds,

Gloomy with calamities,

I survived through water-fire.

Words mine escape,

Words mine desires,

Words mine prison,

Words mine freedom,

Words mine nothing,

Words mine all,

Call (ed) me Wordsmith,

I fell for Deathra,

My mistress in loneliness.

Scared to live; Scared to die,

Loving at none; Loving at one,

Desires to rise; Desires to fall,

I’m a pen,

Come, empty me with you.


Behold mine rage;

Behold mine love;

Hail mine words;

Vanish mine dirts;

I’m dead in Deathra’s arms.

I dreamt of my death,

Away from loved ones,

With reddish wall-sides,

Happiness mine soul,

Sadness mine body,

Sleep with me, Deathra.

©Suraj Jangid


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