Murdering The Murderous Murderer | Poem

Alone, I wonder of stars to sleep,

Sick, I wish to words come alive,

Desire, I crave to put trust in laps’ of world,

Anger, I want to burn everything to no trace,

Deathra, stand still till I ask you to feel pain,

You wait for my soul to submit,

Come on your knees and beg this world,

I won’t stop till I avenge my deaths.


Sat on her throne proud,

Brushed her hair to solitude,

Looked her thoughts to love,

Called her life to survive,

Sabotaged her wishes to breathe,

I watched her in the mirror,

Describing her scars to him,

Why wouldn’t I stay with her?

She’s the light of darkness.


Writing lies for the world,

Bringing fear for the people,

She knows she doesn’t exist,

Her existence a belief of myth,

Taking souls away to carve,

A man like me after deaths of dark,

Stay close till I ask to give away souls,

I’m writing what they made me of.

©Suraj Jangid


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