I Feel You Within My Love | Poem

I often think about love amid fire’s breeze,

I get lost with women I shared my heart,

The heart, which never told the truths,

It told what it felt in their presence,

Deathra, I still desire to see you naked,

Liebe, I feel you within my love.

Accused of unrational love’s journey,

I looked upon her as I cannot get away,

Still, I desire to keep her close,

Deathra, that night don’t close your eyes,

See my darkness and embrace me!

Write a letter to Liebe, mistress,

Tell her I’m in love with her,

The love I carry within the dark of my heart,

Calls her to speak the ceremonies,

Deathra, burn this world now,

I want to create a world of us.

©Suraj Jangid


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