I Write Darkness | Poem

Darkness’ flowing in my fingers,

My touch brings devastation,

Yet, I’m wandering with you,

For her, I open my heart,

Still, you call me yours.

Fears’re calling my numb,

I’m writing with her,

Deathra, you come after life,

I’m taking a walk with her.

There words not mine,

These bloods not yours,

I fear to lose her,

And, I curse Deathra,

For being inside me ever.

Bleed me Deathra!

I’m on knees,

I’m high on feel,

I’m low on feel,

This sorcery of yours,

I can’t accept,

Yet, I can’t breathe without you,

And, with her, I’m Wordsmith.

Deathra, tonight, cry,

For me to cry in pains,

I’m walking with her,

With fears I always carry.



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