Jewels Of Bloody Mayhem | Poem

You stayed there, a place of darkness,

Beside me, saying words to nothingness,

There seems the light we created,

I was born in darkness,

Embracing the pains I screamed in silence,

Still, I crave to desperate emptiness,

I’m drinking the dark wine,

See me tonight, Deathra,

I crave to touch your presence.

Come, wearing the gown of night,

Jewels of bloody mayhem,

Don’t speak in your lips,

Scream for the darkness to listen,

We’ll have a night to murder,

With our pleasure and pain of longing,

Deathra, I confess I feel alone,

Thoughts of death stir my soul,

You bring dark wine,

I feel to write sickness of this world.

©Suraj Jangid


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