Someday, Divino! | Poem

Someday, Divino!

I’ll be holding your hands,

Not speaking, listening to you,

I’ll breathe ourself in the world,

Words take shape of you,

I write them in your grace,

We’ll witness uncertain of us,

Someday, Divino!

I’ll look into your eyes.

Days’re screaming your love,

Nights’re screaming your pain,

What have we made of us!

Divino, someday!

We’ll have skies,

And, we’ll kiss under the stars,

To bring our own world,

On the feet will be this world,

On head, we’ll rise in dark,

Someday, we’ll ask love to come.

My fingers crave your smile,

My heart longs for your eyes,

I’m seeing moon, he tells me you’re divine,

Someday, Divino!

My hands will take shape of your soul,

My touch will curve your body,

I’ve worn my armor,

Ready to fight for you,

Let the world come!

Let the sickness!

I’m staying with you,

Someday, Divino!

I’ll be tasting your lips.

I become the sun at days,

I become the moon at nights,

I wait for you to tell,

You’re beautiful, DIvino,

You’re a strong woman, Schon,

Someday, Divino,

I’ll be covering you in my arms.

These words witnessing me loyal,

I’m breathing within you,

Let me come; fight for you,

Someday, Divino!

I’ll hear your voice.

┬ęSuraj Jangid


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