I Lie, When I Say Don’t Help | Poem

I’ve this overwhelming feeling

That defines a painful loop progressing,

Towards the undone acts of humble stares

I see emptiness screaming to hide.

It’s clear as blood clots out in the open plains,

I’m freezing to get out of the unsecured lanes,

Knowing I wouldn’t say I like her ever,

Rather I hurt myself, thinking I don’t deserve.

Alas, my mind plays new games every hour,

I’m happy this minute and next, I’m in rage the next.

What will happen if you forget who I am,

And listen to my paining voice for once?

©Suraj Jangid


Dark Humor Author | Poet | Creative Fountain | Borderline Personality | Proofreader | Content Writer | Automobile Lover | Found me at surajjangid.sam@gmail.com.

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