Keep Me Alive To Breathe! | Poem

You walked on that door I spelled,
You stayed on that edge I destroyed,
You created a bond I sabotaged,
I’m waiting for you to step in, Deathra.

With every moment I shed blood,
You come rushing in my veins,
None to blame; none to seek,
I’m prepared to tear your soul, Deathra.

A wish I made years ago in your arms,
Seemed a wish I’m earning so far,
This pain running inside needs darkness,
The lights ‘re on as you left them,
We made them tearing our souls,
I’m thinking of that night, Deathra.

I fear a human in bloodlust,
Driven in rage collected long,
You made a monster; I fell through love,
I’m talking conscience dark, Deathra!

We made a vow to meet on days of nights,
Polish my throne, mistress, I’m coming to claim,
Crucify me on that throne I ruled in commands,
Made citizens drink my blood you saved,
Hang my head on the walls of city dark,
Justify my death, once I live my life,
As I ran my fingers on your beauty,
Think about the world we’re fighting,
Bring darkness I need to live,
I’m awaiting these words to come alive, Deathra!

┬ęSuraj Jangid


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