I Sleep With Corpses | Poem

I’ll destroy you,

I laugh at this now,


You can’t be destroyed,

I can’t be destroyed,

We’re cursed to devastate,

Deathra, get in your knees,

You get your punishment.

Not this world, I desire to destroy,

It’s you, I want to destroy,

I’m a fool to think all,

I’m a wise to execute fire,

You asked her to devastate,

Deathra, I’m tying you up,

You’ve to behave well.

Is it me?

Is it her?

How could you unleash you darkness,

Knowing you’re getting uncontrolled,

Deathra, spanking is not enough, to this time,

You receive more of my darkness,

Wear your purple now and wait for me,

You learn to behave!

Divino, a light thread of darkness,

Deathra, you scared her through your dark,

You’ll get punished; unless you get in control,

I’m on my highs, mistress,

I’m your master, get your skin for pain.

I’m of pain in centuries,

You made her feel loathing,

I’ll thrash you for days,

Deathra, you’ll behave!

I walk on corpses, I loathe for them,

I sleep with corpses, I loathe myself,

I’m Wordsmith!

Deathra, you receive your punishment,

Get on your knees,

I’ve to whip you hard,

I burnt myself again,

A scar of another pain!

A scar of another pain!

©Suraj Jangid


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