Last Night, I Took A Trip To Nowhere! | Poem

Last night,

I took a trip to nowhere,

I found my father there,

Having his breakfast in youth,

I sat with him as a stranger,

He talked about happiness,

He cried about pain,

And, I listened to him; undisturbed,

Deathra, you’re a hell of a mistress!

I was there; just there to him,

And, he ate like an angel,

And, I stared like a fallen monster,

I didn’t miss him though,

I knew he had to leave,

Nowhere’s where he sleeps,

Deathra, cover him good at night,

He’s unlikely to cold of the night.

I tried to leave nowhere,

He didn’t ask anything,

I wasn’t there no time,

Deathra, cares my soul,

It needs a touch of darkness!

©Suraj Jangid


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