Make Me Understand Pain | Poem

Not a coward, just need to understand my pain,

Sleepless hours, sweating body, fears make me scream,

Will I understand sorcery of my pain?

Dreams, aspirations, inspirations click,

At highs & lows of mental accuracy,

What have I done to bear her presence?

I feel,

She’s my soulmate & soul enemy,

At once, she consumes the existences,

Will she ease my pain at last?

Coping mechanisms cope everything,

Failing in consistent remarkable journeys’ nothing,

How could I feel normal in world’s eyes?

Felt her presence from doomsdays of innocence,

Acceptance, caring, understanding she proved,

Is her lap my last resort?

Night’s coming to take away me,

Becoming the horseless chariot of manic,

Why is she calling me?

I’m waiting. I’ve patience.

I’ll question her,

“Will you make me understand my pain?”

Right now, silence answers me,

Not her!

Make me understand pain!

©Suraj Jangid


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