Let’s Talk Positive, Shall We? | Poem

I gave on beliefs of monsters,

They never put hands on me,

The people I cried to,

They tore my soul to breathe,

You tell me, Deathra,

Why don’t heart beats?

I gave on taught principles,

Which brought happiness,

Pain never took me to suffer,

Happiness of false truths did,

You tell me, Liebe,

Why don’t death come?

I gave on something,

And, nothing came along,

Those dark places I visited,

Those light hope I promised,

There were words and you,

Who put my life on death to survive,

You tell me, Deathra,

Why wait for thoughts to die?

Let’s write again,

Those letters in darkness,

A spot of light will rise.

©Suraj Jangid


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