Liebe, Talk Of Companionship | Poem

What if I tell you,
I am trapped in that blankness again,
I am screaming for care and ropes,
I am staring into light worthless,
I am fighting those demons to life,
I am asking them the sky I could not have,
Deathra, abandonment strikes again.

What if I curse you,
The way you cursed me to stay alive,
The way you stole death from my side,
The way I suffer in their words,
The way I smile amid darkness,
The way I create darkness,
Deathra, hurting could not be stable.

What if I pain you,
By letting you free of my prays,
By giving you acts you ask,
By telling you I love you,
By forging feelings I never ask of you,
Deathra, lostness have arrived,
Save me this time again!

┬ęSuraj Jangid


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