Lie On My Heart | Poem


I wouldn’t lie on my heart,

I’m scared to meet death,

Yet, I call death.

She, my mistress, soothe me,

Take away my worries,

Put my head on her laps,

And, sing her peace-death song,

And, I fall asleep in pain.

I lied to get my chaos,

I’ll lie to get my peace,

Indeed, I’m a monster,

And, I’m human of novelty.

Nights are sins hidden,

Days are my own hell,

And, she comes uninvited,

Though, I welcome her,

So do my sins, at last.

Deathra! My mistress; goddess,

Yet, so ruthless to others,

And, I’m falling sleep.


I wouldn’t lie on my heart,

I’m anxious to peaks,

And, looking her arms.

©Suraj Jangid


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