Misery Of Forgiveness | Poem

I ran a storm behind us,

Couldn’t speak the abuses,

Impulsive attempts to live,

Death couldn’t save me,

Answer me!

Deathra, why do you leave in sunrise?

I refrained words on paper to not bring pain,

Everything’s buried in my heart to mind,

I wait for her to stay in misers of past,

Answer me!

Deathra, why do you love me?

I think of a world of unchanged with light,

I see a world of changed with dark,

I can’t be healed! I can’t be believed!

Answer me!

Deathra, why can’t you take my soul?

I tried dying! Was not my intention!

Laughed the world of unknown someones,

I can’t bear losing all in disgrace,

I’m trapping the storms in grace,

Answer me!

Deathra, will you come tonight to sleep?

I’ve been carrying pains of emotions,

My tears laugh at me now,

Nothing matters to my light now,

Answer me!

Deathra, have you finished your carving darkness in my eyes?

©Suraj Jangid


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