Night’s Meeting Her | Poem

I blink,

You’re running towards the unsaid star.

I speak,

You’re smiling in love of words.

Was it enough for us to get apart?

I’m still standing on moon’s ashes,

Waiting the stars to shine my darkness,

I’ve lost ownership of love,

What words I bring alive to you,

Tell Deathra,

We’ve brought chaos to smile,

Look at the stars, they’re angry,

I asked them to stay hidden,

Night’s meeting her,


I’m scared in night’s arms,

I’m dead in love’s arrival,

I’m wait in healing’s voice,

Deathra, blend the stars to night,

I’m not sure to tell her,

I can love someone beyond the realms.

I sleep,

You’re whispering creations.

I cry,

You’re welcoming change.

I’ll see you then,

Deathra, we’ve brought chaos!

©Suraj Jangid


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