Let’s Make A New Treaty | Poem

A voice screams,
Write everything, destroy your desires,
Don’t let the light comes in,
You have seen the pain,
Nothing can be that again,
Fight your way into the world,
See her even you are blind,
Speak of words you kept hidden,
You are the Wordsmith,
Take the pen and spread blood.

Deathra speaks,
Stay away from the sky,
There is no earth you can stand,
Survive in nothing,
You get everything,
We have fought for centuries,
Nothing to lose now,
Keep fighting,
The battle will calm,
Tomorrow or before tomorrow.

Let’s make a new treaty,
You work in hours you can’t desire,
I will stay on the door,
Looking at the strangers,
Stealing their souls,
Filling your lost home,
See me at nights,
And rest,
Sign it!

©Suraj Jangid


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