Remember That Tree | Poem

Remember that tree, we buried within our fears,

It’s dying and its leaves ‘re falling to ground,

Waiting to come on their branches; I’m standing there.

When a leave broke off and fell to the ground,

It awaits destruction with the hope of life,

Some leave ‘re taken away by others,

They die in waiting to reach peaks of acceptance,

I’m that leave, which disobeys the nature,

Waiting for time to change again.

Tell me Deathra,

Was it this world to create me?

Night’s coming for light,

Light’s coming for darkness,

I’m afraid to stay home,

Deathra, the night we await is coming.

I desire pain to increase,

It’ll free me someday.

Will you be waiting on the edge,

To take me to our kingdom?

©Suraj Jangid


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