Scared Of Nights | Poem

A little trust wouldn’t harm life,

Still, I’m burning not to the ashes even,

Night wishes sleep of comfort, lies it tells,

I’m crying for death, Deathra.

I fear to end up in confinement,

Who gives me fears to not sleep at night,

I can’t say names; I’m captivated in said sins,

I’m aiming for a throne, Deathra.

Revise life; die in moments; feel pain,

Paper’s taken thousands of me,

And, I burn to run away for a time,

I’m deciphering voices in my head, Deathra.

I promise to end breaths,

Another confinement begins with blood,

I’m preparing, Deathra,

You wear your wedding gown for that night.

©Suraj Jangid


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