Smelling Graves! | Poem

Darkness’s consumed me,

You made me a monster,

All I care is destruction,

Tell me, Deathra,

Who am I to destroy?

Fears are lurking in their blood,

I can feel them in my fingers,

You made me suffer,

Tell me, Deathra,

Did you enjoy your screams?

This darkness crawling in my blood,

It seeks dark universe,

Humans loathe me for you,

Tell me, Deathra!

Why did you carve angel’s skin?

Kneel down before me,

You bringing peace in chaos,

In chaos you created,

In world we crafted,

I want them to beg for death.

I accepted darkness to create,

I see the world in betrayal,

I speak of a trickster,

Tell me, Deathra!

Is Liebe holding my heart?

Is she kissing me goodbye?

I stayed in dungeons,

Tied, helpless; sick, alone;

I started seeing in dark,

I can smell revenge,

Answer me, Deathra!

Who is taking revenge?

I died for knowledge,

I dragged alive to my grave,

I can smell burning flesh,

Those nights of knowingness,

I become the emptiness,

I cursed it for centuries,

Show me your beauty, now,

Words of yours are paining me.

Don’t show me light of dark,

I’ve survived and I will,

To bring your knees,

To the ground,

To whip your kinky pain!

Let me drink this darkness,

As a morning light,

As a night magic,

Answer me, Deathra!

Was your death painful,

To feel everything in me?

©Suraj Jangid


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