Shall Free Us Once | Poem

The boy turned himself,

To the obvious path,

There he met a priest,

Who asked, calmly,

Confess your sins, my child,

You shall let it pass.

Little he knew the boy’s heart,

The graves he dug and buried,

The lives he took on him,

The facades he wore to survive,

All in the name of seeing her.

The boy said, smiling in fire,

The fire couldn’t burn him,

The wounds he bestowed,

The love he carried dead,

I loved an existence of spirit,

She came to see me, last,

She took pain I stole,

And kissed me life,

Forgive me, holy spirit,

I loved Deathra, the queen of darkness,

Let me walk to survive.

We shall see what this world desires,

The darkness I’ve seen,

Shall free me once.

┬ęSuraj Jangid


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