She Said! The Sterling Queen | Poem

Though, she said,
I starve like a queen,
On way to my kingdom,
I keep breathing for last meal.

Tell me, Deathra,
Why my heart shouts praises,
On her beautiful depicting of life?
Have not I sold life to death,
To survive light I forced to consume?

I wonder about her feelings,
A long-lasting smiling aroma,
A voice to listen heart’s out,
A heart to care for words,
The emotions not to mess with,
Am I beginning to write,
The words I hid just to tell her, Deathra?

She walks home late dusk,
Empty stomach, filled with relief,
Let me make her a meal to enjoy,
Wait! Deathra,
Should not I tell her I admire her?

A story awaits,
About the starving queen,
The queen to know infinite.
©Suraj Jangid


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