Paradox Of Feelings | Poem

My mind, a place I’m trapped in,

The moment I got familiar with room,

Somewhere else I looked upon,

Room changed, but I stayed in one place,

I call it the paradox of feelings,

Deathra, I’m drinking venom,

And, it’s my mind I fear to lose.

Turning numb; wait, now turning sensitive,

These changes brings sadness,

And, not mine, not others; of I can’t describe,

Deathra, I’m at peace now with acceptance,

Oh wait! Ruthlessness coming in.

Was I loved once? Can’t remember!

Was I hated once? Can’t remember!

Was I smiling? Can’t remember!

I feel I’ve had to the fullest of it,

Deathra, ask moon to consume me,

These glasses of darkness,

I don’t even blend light,

I drink everything with paradox.

Don’t tell me,

I’m sick of life,

I’m destroying,

I’m creating,

I’m in love,

I’m in hate,

Nights whisper legacies to me!

Deathra, wait long for that night,

We’ll see each other again,

I’ll hurt you in love,

And, tell you my legacies,

I didn’t ask pain to create me,

I born of darkness,

I’ll leave in darkness,

You, mistress, find my fabric,

My emotional skin to wear,

That night!

┬ęSuraj Jangid


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