Oblivion Arrives, Dear | Poem

Where do I belong, mistress?
This world, unfaithful, black & white;
Residents are scavenges to each other;
Dread comes asking numbness;
Screaming for the end at the moment,
Should I go with unheard cuts,
Should I bear the unbearable pain?

Everything I see is strange,
Nothing I know is belonged,
What has happened to my eyes?
Have you stolen them again?
Deathra, I need to feel alive,
I am not dead, just losing mind,
All I say to myself,
“It shall not last long.”

Praying anonymous for strength,
To through with emptiness got back,
Help me along, mistress,
I could not ask more.
I could not ask more!

©Suraj Jangid


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