These Words | Poem

These words speak loud,
Yet, they’re mistrusted,
Among the realism of lies,
Deathra, why does it pain?

He said,
Writers are cursed souls,
Craving for undeserved love,
Reliving from the undone pain,
Their words; their poison,
Their word; a holy grail,
Deathra, why does it pain?

Do these words remember,
How many souls they have eaten,
All in name of pain, Deathra,
Words made me breathe,
My hands tremble to hold,
The blood ink cries,
Don’t tell me to accept,
Pain, which comes back,
When darkness comes,
Let me go free,
When I cry,
Let me see the battle scars?

Be the Queen,
Wear pain I breathe,
Obey my words,
Speak the truth,
Which we hid together,
The truth of darkness!

Bring another cup of poison,
I’m possessed, my love,
With the blessing of words,
Deathra, why does it pain?

©Suraj Jangid


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