Terms On My Deeds | Poem

Questions worth on deeds,

Which I committed with ease,

No turned to yes,

And, I became with lone.

Fractions of definitions turned down,

Explanations asked bereft understanding,

Who am I? What made me like this?

Time fractions turned me down,

And, I became with gloom.

Standing on borderline,

Feel at ease with nothing,

A fire came unnoticed,

I became with high,

And, I became empty.

What was there to know?

What was coming to surface?

What was asking to change?

What did evolve?

Turned to confinement with false,

Asked to trust to live,

I am alive to live,

Waiting with understanding,

And, I became with patience.

Shobo couldn’t understand,

Need him, throw him away,

He asks for you, don’t come near,

He waits in silence for her,

And, he became with unstable.

On what terms,

Am I defined?

Am I worth knowing?

Terms on my deeds,

And, your own will.

©Suraj Jangid


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