Stay For Sunlight’s Ashes | Poem

If it’s your ordeal, tearing the screams of night,

Don’t look away in shame, which inflicted upon,

There’s darkness I hide and it defines my life.

Be sad, be happy, be secure, be insecure,

Nothing matters when a touch of longing comes,

There’s emptiness I fill and it scares the soul.

If I stay alive, what these words say more,

I tortured my own soul on pains I collected,

Believe me, all I desire is deathbed beside yours.

I fight to not write you in my words for years,

There’s us then and now, which stirs other’s soul.

A secret I reveal, to dissemble the dark fog,

I stay in shadows to become the darkness,

We define.

Your scars or mine, dearest,

They pain the infinities; stay for a while,

Nothingness comes of everything, we thrive.

┬ęSuraj Jangid


Dark Humor Author | Poet | Creative Fountain | Borderline Personality | Proofreader | Content Writer | Automobile Lover | Found me at

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