Soul Screams Belongingness | Poem

My soul screams belongingness,

To once I; to once them; to once us,

Walking in other’s souls’ hearts,

My heart screams nothingness,

Deathra, do we design worlds,

To stay in emptiness we discovered?

There is no I; there is no us,

There is them; there is everything,

Wearing others shoes I smile,

I destroyed my shade in lightness,

Not ashamed to create in darkness,

Deathra, my soul crave for earth,

Which we never see in our kingdom.

I wear eyes I dispute,

I wear traits I loathe,

I love Liebe I smile,

I write I sleep,

Deathra, what have we become,

Nothing has everything,

My soul screams belongingness.

©Suraj Jangid


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