Stop Whispering! | Poem

You told me,

I’m born of pain,

I’ll suffer like an everlasting great work,

I lost myself that night,

You were there; seeing my soul,

Deathra, come now!

Darkness holds me in arms,

And, I can’t breathe in your life.

I fight moments to see darker,

Crucify me or them,

I’m still of pain,

Survivor, you craved me cleverly,

Deathra, why such kindness,

I want you to go away,

I crave for you more,

Why did you forge me?

I’m still ugly,

I’m a monster in human skin,

Stop whispering in my thoughts,

I’m a fallen monster,

You destined to care,

Till I kneel down,

And, drink your dark life.

©Suraj Jangid


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