Together, The Moons And The Wolf | Poem

Will you see yourself in my eyes?

If I play nice with your fingers.

Will you marry my thoughts?

If I write words in your grace.

Will you take a walk with me in dark?

If I turn to darkness for a while.

Will you learn methods of us?

If I kiss you every morning.

Will you bring drinks of your fire?

If I stay in moments with you.

Will you smile nakedness?

If I spank your parts in accept.

Will you dress for me my fantasies?

If I consider in you my darkness.

Will you kiss my lips every night?

If I never tell you I’m dying.

Will you share your darkness?

If I cry in your lap.

Will you eat with me?

If I cook for your taste.

Will you let me die?

If I stop telling you I’m alive.

Will you wear purple?

If I need you in despair.

Deathra, what are you turning to?

I’m dying in light & dark,

I own dark of infinities,

Yet, I smile at both,

Deathra & Liebe,

I’m Wordsmith as Shobo,

Let’s dance to lost in us.

©Suraj Jangid


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