That Kiss! | Poem

After school, made plans to meet,

Lied, manipulated, blind-love sick,

We met a crowded place to lunch,

Smiled; joked; touched; walked to leave,

Held hands, adrenaline rush, lost control!

I said, “shall I touch your lips to low anxiety?”

Unaware of my sickness, I needed her,

Betraying someone else’s presence higher,

Fearing, desiring, guilting, passioning, lost

Never felt that uncontrolled blood flow,

I desired to dream my life with her.

I knew I was deceiving someone,

Someone unknown; someone only mine,

She made me feel her presence few months back,

Carrying scars of proven ownership,

Our relationship unworthy to be surfaced,

But, it did; did in ways of lord’s mysterious ways.

Ignored existences; avoided stares; unleashed beast,

I put her desirous body against the foundation,

Digged my fingers in back of her, monstrously,

And, put my lips on those innocent crimson lips,

I tasted the holy blood; first of life as a beast,

Time elapsed; desires increased; fears took over,

She pushed me back!

She asked me to go back to someone,

Scars greened again; I kissed again,

We left for home; well, she did.

Wanted by someone for centuries,

Kneeled in guilt for punishment,

I bleed myself, Deathra!

I went close to someone,

I lost her,

With for everything!

Years passed, her became many,

That someone remained; remains,

Undetected; in silence; destroying,

As I played with someone’s soul.

That kiss! Deathra!

©Suraj Jangid


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