Why Didn’t Come For Me, Instead? | Poem

Why didn’t you come for me?

I wait in shadows,

My eyes look in your darkness,

I’m not afraid of my darkness,

Deathra, why you deceive me?

I’m hurt, my mistress,

You showed her your fear,

Get on your knees, I’m furious,

To punish you within me,

Deathra, why didn’t come for me?

My thirst for blood,

Is my only region,

You betrayed our sacred treaty,

Lie down; let me tie you,

We’ve to punish ourselves,

Tell me!

Why didn’t you come for me?

She’s mine, my Liebe,

You, my mistress, hurt her,

I’ll show you pain,

The pain we share,

Deathra, you betrayed us,

Yet, I call you to make love.

My heart pounds to skies,

My blood burns in hell,

I’m carving for her touch,

And, you, my mistress, asked her,

Deathra, why didn’t you come for me?

Each tear I shed tonight,

Will take everything that night,

When you’ll come at last!

Come! tonight claim your throne,

I’m sitting in my kingdom,

Kneel down, get naked for me,

We’ve to punish ourselves,

Deathra, why didn’t you come for me?

©Suraj Jangid


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