Wounds Have Risen | Poem

My eyes lost sight to see the sun,

My ears lost silence to see the moon,

My tongue lost words, to tell the truth,

My mind lost thoughts to write the life,

When the emptiness strikes, it comes dark,

There is no sky to look for stars,

There is no word to describe lone,

Tell me, my mistress,

Why don’t wait for that night?

I crave for her voice to tell,

I wait for her words to change,

I think of togetherness,

I’m a monster and hide always,

I feel like a dagger tearing my veins,

I think of a sunrise and smile for a case,

Tell me, my mistress,

When are you dressing for me to punish you?

These words lost their meaning,

The moment I change,

Each word I write has become a stranger,

These words will become apart,

I’m in wait to see the change and fight,

I’m in pain of endless pains,

Tell me Deathra,

Why don’t you tell Liebe?

©Suraj Jangid


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