There’s No Escape | Poem

The stigmas in universe may seem soothing,

When unknown desire come looking relaxing,

Fears don’t see bondage of unsettled cruelty,

Deathra, I can’t become of life.

When you kill with your bare hands; powerful,

When you speak with your naked heart; honest,

When you know truth of my existence; don’t hide,

Surviving deaths; taking souls,

I know it was all in vain.

What happens on the arrival of truth?

You don’t feel thirsty, sad, dark, happy,

You freeze in the moment to know why,

I do as you taught my mind, Liebe,

There’s no escape,

From the change of death and pain,

My soul seeks them in excuses,

Often stolen from people I love.

©Suraj Jangid


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