I Stop To Wonder | Poem

Journeys make me anxious,

Like a ride to heaven,

I crave to stay past,

I keep on moving to thrive,

And, then someone asks,

Are you sure to be alive?

Looking at him,

I thought of time I died,

Breathing in locked rooms,

Screaming for freedom I never had,

Thinking of a woman I loved,

Writing words I burnt alive,

I said darkness has kept me alive.

Deathra, I stop to wonder,

About the treaty we signed on edges,

Constant desire to die,

Constant emptiness,

Constant craving to be alive,

Constant need to survive,

Constant desire to smile,

I’m not afraid,

I’m fighting to breathe,

Ask Liebe to see me now.

Journeys make me anxious,

About the time I wait,

About the people I see,

About the feelings I through,

And someone asks me,

When will it all end?

Looking at him,

I craved to hang myself,

I said ends have let me begin.



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