I Wonder The Wanderings! | Poem

I wonder,

How Cain survived with all his rage?

In shadows, he committed sins.

I wonder,

What knowledge brings in rage?

I’ve tasted the blood of darkness.

I wonder,

How a mother finds existence in wrongs?

I’m being destroyed in rages of peace.

I wonder,

What love tells rage to live?

I feel pain and silence.

I wonder,

Which existence sings helpless light?

I cry for being someone unacceptable.

I wonder,

How grief changes its natural form?

I’ve seen everything offered.

I wonder,

Will my death bring peace?

I’ve tried this heartily.

I wonder,

What Deathra suffers in rages?

She lives in my words.

I wonder,

What sleep tastes like in numbness?

I scream feelings in blood along centuries.

I wonder,

What pain stays inside of me?

I’m scared of controlling darkness.

I stay alive,

Unknown what keeps me alive!

Brush my hair, Deathra,

I might rest for short.



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