I Found My Hiraeth | Poem

Lost attachment to the places,

Where I smelled love’s footprint,

I left and I looked away,

I long for hemip; a place,

I can’t return in wishes,

Whom did I torture to be alive,

Deathra, I’ve set my eyes,

On the brinks of memories,

Which got lost in pain,

I can’t return to hemip,

I’ve taken fresh pain to join.


I’m scared to live,

I’m terrified to die,

I’m disgusted with hemip,

Isn’t it enough for us,

I can’t return to hemip,

Dress for a life you gave,

I’m smiling in pains,

Deathra, love me as Liebe,

She speaks in solitude,

And, tells me of love.


I found my hiraeth,

I crave for that,

Past moving clouds of life,

Whisper words I cry,

Deathra, build my kingdom,

Let me see my love, Liebe,

Speaking the truths she hides,

I’m walking; I’m listening,

My hiraeth turned dark in light.



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