I’ve Seen The Life! | Poem

Cutting through left flesh owned,

A rotten sickness of God’s footprint,

You’ll see to begin in cosmos,

Soul left the blood of monstrous,

I’m writing madness of sanity,

Don’t close your hearts,

I’ve become darkness,

Call your faiths and pray,

A devil’s rising on the surface,

Deathra, time’s dying in your lap,

Bring leftover from humanity.

Whatever took over my mind,

Has created the dark sky of life,

Scream the name of sanity,

Everyone controlling insanity,

Fear! Oh, what have you done?

I’ve written the history again!

Ask Deathra,

What intoxicant life over death,

Two sisters fighting on numbness,

I’m awake in the realm of reality’s sacrifice,

Listen to the voices one’s showed,

End this time of sufferers,

I can’t tell the world’s doom.



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